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Water leak is seriously one of the most crucial problems that every homeowner may face. If you think your household suffers water leaks and needs accurate leak detection, call us today for fast, same-day water leak repair service.


So You Noticed A Water Leak – What To Do Next?

Detecting leaks early could save you tons of money. The problem with small leaks isn’t that it gets monotonous, but can rapidly become very large leaks when left unrepaired. It is going to cause you more damage than you expect. This is the very reason why catching them while they’re very small could be the frontline of massive property damage.  

  • A high water bill
  • Water leak on floor or carpet
  • Discoloration on floors
  • Discoloration on walls
  • Water seeping out of your walls
  • Water meter still running after your turned off the shut off switch

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Got any of the symptoms above?

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Why Magpie London?

At Magpie London, we understand by heart that suffering a water pipe leak at your household can be very distressing, exhausting and most of all, annoyingly expensive. If you’re looking for experts to provide you with a quick, reliable water repair service, we got you covered. With minimum disruption and costs, your water leak issues will be fixed as quickly as possible.

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20 Years Of Experience

We have been providing services to residential and commercial clients for more than 20 years now. Mag Pie London Water Leak Detection specialists have been the industry standard for leak detection in London.

High Success Rate

We seriously take pride in everything that we do. We’ll do our best to locate your leak with a 100% success rate in leak detection.

Nationwide Coverage

No matter where you’re located in London, we will be able to send you water leak specialists as soon as possible to solve your water leak problems.

Best Technology Aand Resources

With Magpie London Leak Detection services, you’d be confident that there’s absolutely no compromise on quality ever. We only use our best technology, resources and equipment that is non-invasive  and non-destructive for water leak detection.


You can definitely count on us as we arrive on schedule and on time!

We also complete projects in the given time frame, so you don’t need to worry about waiting for too long to get your water leak fixed.

Great Customer Sservice
We aim to provide you the best water leak detection and plumbing repair services for a very reasonable price. Rest assured that we deliver quality work with the highest level of professionalism. On top of that, we always treat our customers with utmost respect. We go above and beyond to exceed our client’s expectations. Call us today to get started!

What Do Our Customers Say?

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Faultless, excellent service from Magpie London Leak Detection services. I’m so glad that I was able to get in touch with them after 1-2 rings. They got to us so quickly and fixed our water leak issues. What’s more – their specialists are very professional and polite. Thank you for helping us!

Ethel Brandy ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you for fixing our water leak problems, MagPie London! They acted so fast upon receiving my call. Their water leak specialist was able to explain to me in detail what they were going to do! Very impressed with their service.

Robert Steffano ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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